At Trowbridge International Tax Services GmbH, our Frankfurt office specializes in providing US individual tax services, including US income and estate tax return preparation and related compliance as well as US individual income and estate tax planning. 


Additional Services


Through our international affiliated companies, we also offer Canadian and UK individual income tax preparation and planning services along with Canadian and US international expansion services which comprises Canadian and US corporation tax, global mobility tax, transfer pricing, and outsourced accounting/payroll services.


US Individual Tax Services

Our US individual tax team in Frankfurt provides services to individuals including US federal and state income and estate tax returns and related forms including Form 5471 and FBAR filings.  Our team can also assist with estimating taxes and year-round tax planning to minimize or defer income tax. We work closely with our clients to establish entities and structure their tax matters to reduce potential tax liabilities.


Our areas of emphasis in providing individual tax services include:

  • US citizens and green card holders residing in Germany

  • German citizens living in the US

  • Visa holders who are living and working in the US

  • Individuals on short-term domestic or international assignments

  • German residents with US income properties or US business interests


We encourage our clients to connect with us throughout the year with any questions and to keep us involved in changes or updates in financial affairs. This provides us with a deeper understanding of client situations and better tax planning to help lower tax liabilities.


US Streamlined Filing Procedures

Many US citizens that are living in Germany are unaware that they are required to continue to file US tax returns every year, even if no actual US tax is payable. This even applies to people who have never lived in the US but may have acquired citizenship through their parents.

Trowbridge works with citizens to bring their US tax matters up to date by filing backdated tax returns or utilising the various IRS voluntary disclosure programs.

It is useful to note that it is not just a US tax return that you will have to file, but also a form known as the "FBAR" to report most non U.S. bank accounts. The penalties can be significant, so don't delay!